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How to save Instagram Photos

  • Copy the URL of the photo (or video) that you want to download.
  • Paste the URL into our tool’s box.
  • Press the download button.
  • The image will now appear, and all you have to do is to click the save button.

Saving Instagram photos can be a pain. Especially when you take into account that Instagram doesn’t have a dedicated option to actually download any of this. Instead, you have to go in circles and use third-party software and tools. This is because they have a very specific privacy and fair use policy, meant to respect certain laws and to take care of the content creators. Another issue is that there are hundreds of websites, tools and apps that are supposed to do this. Choosing the right one, the one that works, can be quite difficult. However, you are in luck, since we have just the right app for you – Weinstag.

Weinstag is the fastest and most efficient Instagram photos download you can find. And it’s very easy to use: Simply copy the URL of the photo (or video) that you want to download. Then, paste it into the appropriate box in the Weinstag tool. Then press the download button. The image will now appear, and all you have to do is to click the save button. And that is that, as simple as can be. We are certain you will really enjoy downloading photos from Instagram with this tool. And that is that, as simple as can be. We are certain you will really enjoy downloading photos from Instagram with this tool.


How to download your Instagram photos

Now you may be interested in finding out how to save photos from Instagram. There are a couple of ways, but you should first know that Instagram doesn’t allow you to save a photo directly from its app. This may be annoying, but it has a purpose of protecting the user rights of a content creator. Indeed, this restriction saves them a lot of headaches and helps them avoid any legal issues.

You can do this by, for example, accessing a third party website, or a third-party app. Just download, or access, a website (like ours) or app that is made specifically to download Instagram pictures.

On our website, you can download any photo from your own Instagram account by simply pasting the URL of the photo into our tool and click the Download button. Yes! Is that easy!

However, when you do download a picture, never use it for profit. Not only that, but you should also save any watermark that is in the picture, and try to point out who the original content creator is.


How to save Instagram photos on PC

 So you have decided to save an Instagram photo. There are numerous ways in which you can do this but do remember that there is a good reason Instagram doesn’t have this option itself. There are many fair use restrictions and laws regulating this kind of thing, not to mention that this is part of its own personal philosophy and work ethic. The company cares about its creators, and so they have made this decision with the best of intentions.

But, you are here to find out how to save a picture from Instagram. You can do this by finding a dedicated third-party website or app. Our website can help you in a matter of seconds. All you need is the URL of the image you want and you can download it on any device in just 5 seconds.

However, there are other options as well. Namely, there is a way to save it directly from Instagram itself. First, you will need to log in (and before that, create an account if you don’t have one). Then, find the picture you want to download. Then, find the options segment (signified by ellipses) and press the “View Photo Page” option. Then, right click on the picture and click on “View Background Image”. Or, if you’re using Chrome, click on “Inspect Element”. Here you will get many lines of code, but you will just need to find the line that starts with “Https:” and that ends with “jpg”. Once you have isolated the picture, just press right click, and choose “save image as”, and that’s it.


How much does it cost? Nothing! Free Instagram Downloader

So you really want to find out how to download pictures and images from Instagram? Maybe you found an awesome picture that you really want to save, maybe something that you want to use as a desktop background. No matter the reason, all your prayers, and wishes have been answered. By using our Free Instagram Downloader, you can get all the pictures and images you want, for free, in no time.

Now, you should know that Instagram has a good reason why it doesn’t give you the option to download directly. Namely, this is because of several fair use rights and options, but also because of respect towards the photographers and Instagram users. So, in if you are still interested in how to download pictures from Instagram, you should keep in mind a couple of things. This is namely focused on respecting the content creator. Don’t use their work for profit and gain, and always reference the creator when posting the image online. Also, don’t remove any watermarks and other signatures found on the picture.

With all this being said, all you have to do now is access the free Instagram downloader, place the URL of the image you want to download in the appropriate space and let the magic happen.


How to download any user’s Instagram photos

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks ever made. Millions upon millions of people are active and regularly visit this website, having a huge number of photos and videos online. Only twitter and Facebook are more popular. However, because of its specific privacy policy, it’s quite difficult to save pictures from Instagram. But, if you really want to download Instagram pictures, it can be done. You can always view public accounts, and private accounts can be accessed with little ease, but downloading pictures can be a hassle. Here is how.

First, you should access Instagram by login in, either with your own Instagram dedicated account or using your Facebook account. Then, search the creator that you wish to download from.  Then, copy the URL of the image you want to download by clicking on those 3 little dots on the right top corner of each picture. Then, you have the option to copy the URL of the photo.

Paste the URL into our Instagram photo downloader tool and that’s it! You have the picture on your device, for free!


How to download Instagram videos

  • Copy the URL of the or video that you want to download.
  • Paste the URL into our tool.
  • Press the download button.
  • The video will be ready to be downloaded in mp4 format.
  • Click the save button.

Enjoy your video!

So you have decided to download video from Instagram. Maybe you’re thrilled by how good the video is. Or maybe you want to use it as a reference and learning tool in order to improve your own work. Maybe you want to have them on DVD and show them to your friends who stubbornly refuse to make an Instagram account. Whichever of those may be, know that it is completely doable.

You may have noticed that you can’t regularly download any videos since Instagram has a very specific download policy. They protect their content creators and follow fair use laws, and so they don’t allow for this option.


How to download Instagram videos on PC

Being one of the most popular websites on the internet, Instagram has a ton of content that is simply to die for. However, you should know that it’s not that easy to download a video from this website. They don’t give you an option to actually download a video. But, there is a way. Several actually.

The first, and the fastest way to do it, is to use our tool. Safe, fast, easy to use. Please follow our 5 steps guide and you can download any Instagram video in less than 10 seconds.

Another useful but more complicated option is to use the IFTTT program. The acronym means “If This Then That”. It’s an automated service that can help you automate a ton of things you want to do online. It’s a great way to download several videos on your pc at once. For this to work, you need three things, an IFTTT account, and Instagram account and a Dropbox account. Then, access IFTTT, and create a “recipe”. First, you click on “This”, choosing the website (here, Instagram) you want to access. Choose the appropriate action (download the image), then choose the “That” (download to Dropbox). Now, there are much more options here that are covered in dedicated “IFTTT” guides and manuals. It’s up to you to experiment and fully utilize this program.

And that’s essentially all you need to know how to save videos from Instagram.


Download Instagram videos on iPhone

Do you want to download Instagram videos? Are you frustrated that there is no dedicated option to actually do this? Well, we have the answer right here. While it may be annoying that you can’t download Instagram videos directly on your phone, it’s not because of some kind of amateur developer oversight, but because of their privacy policy. Namely, Instagram respect fair use laws, and its content creators, and chooses not to allow this kind of option on its website. But if you read on, you will find a way to do this, easily.

Again, use our video downloading tool. It works on iPhone, ANY Android phone or tablet and more. Please follow our 5 steps guide and you can download any Instagram video onto your iPhone in seconds.

Or, you can download a free third-party iPhone app. For example, Regrammer is a great option. Just download it and then install this app. Then, enter your Instagram app and account. There, find the video you want to download. Then, in the share option, tap on the “copy link” option. After doing this, access the Regrammer app. There, paste the link into the appropriate box. Be certain that you copied and pasted the correct URL. After this, tap on preview, and then finally on the save image option. This will finally save a photo (but a video too) to your phone and you will have access to a certain video whenever you want.


How to download Instagram videos on Android

Instagram has a ton of awesome and amazing content. It’s with good reason that it has so many followers and that the only more popular social media websites are Twitter and Facebook. And because it has so much great content, you will definitely want to download videos from Instagram. However, you will notice that this may not be so easy. While not impossible, getting a video on your android phone can be a hassle. Still, there are a couple of ways to do this.

Our tool can help you with that in less than 10 seconds. Follow our 5 steps guide to download HD mp4 videos on ANY Android device.

Another way you can download Instagram videos on Android is to get a third-party app. A quick and easy google search will definitely provide you with a lot of options. But, for example, Video Download for Instagram is a great option. Go to Google Play, and install the app. Then, find the video that you are interested in. You can do this by accessing your Instagram app, installed on your phone. Find the options menu on the video you are interested in. Then tap on “Copy Share URL”. After this, open your Instagram video download app. Paste the URL into the appropriate box, tap on download, and the app will do the rest. And that is all you need to do. Have fun and enjoy your video.


How to save Instagram videos from a different person

One of the most annoying things about Instagram is that you can’t easily download videos and photos. Even though it is an amazing app (with numbers that support this claim), this can be annoying. Especially if you are incredibly thrilled with a specific video, and really want to download it. Well, despair no more, since you can now learn how to download videos from Instagram.

Before we start, you should keep a couple of things in mind. Namely, always respect the content creator whose video you are downloading. This means,  you should not remove any watermarks they have in their videos and don’t use their videos for profit. It is, after all, a result of their own hard work and sweat. Also, always reference and state who the original creator is. Now, onto the actual download.

All you have to do is access a third party app, program or website. Our tool can help you with that. You can save ANY photo you want straight to your own device for FREE.

For example, you can download the AnyTrans app. Install and launch it, and then copy the URL of the video that you are interested in. Then, just press download and that is all. This is just an example, but the principle is the same for pretty much any other app. With a little google snooping, you will easily find what you are looking for.

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