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How to save Instagram stories

“The Story” is one of the newer popular features on social networks. It all started with Snapchat stories and now we have this option on Instagram and Facebook too. On Instagram, you can create a story by making a live video or creating Boomerangs.
Boomerangs are basically GIF-like photos played backward and forwards over and over.
So, “The Stories” are only available for you to see for 24 hours. But what if you want to see those stories again after some time? Can you somehow save them? Of course, you can.
It is possible to save your friend’s stories by using Android or iOS apps for your phone, but the simplest and most efficient way to save them is saving them on your computer by using our Instagram Story Downloader Tool.
On our website, you will see the page with a box where you can type the username and the “download Instagram stories” button. Simply type in the username of a friend whose story you wish to download and press the “download Instagram stories” button.
It is quite important to remember that you should type in the USERNAME and not the actual URL of your friend’s profile. So, if your friend’s username is, for example, John, his URL will be instagram.com/john. You just need to type in “john”, not the entire URL.

IMPORTANT: The account from which you are planning to download stories MUST be public.
After you do this, just press the “download Instagram stories” button and the stories will appear. You will notice the download button under each of the image stories and at the bottom right corner of each video story.
All you have to do now is choose the download location and save the story.

How to view Instagram stories?

You can see the stories of people you are following on Instagram in two ways. You can do this by using the Instagram app on your phone, or by visiting the website instagram.com.
If there is a story from some of the people you follow that you haven’t yet seen you will notice a colorful ring around their profile picture.
If you are to view someone’s Instagram story by using the Instagram app, you need to open the app and you will notice that the stories appear in a row at the top of your feed. To see someone’s Instagram story you just need to tap their profile picture at the top of the feed.
When you start viewing someone’s story from the top of the feed, the stories will automatically scroll from one person’s to the next person’s story. You can swipe left or right to skip between Instagram stories or you can swipe down or tap x in the top right angle to exit stories and return to feed.
If you are using the internet address instagram.com to view Instagram stories, they will appear at the top of the feed if you are visiting the website from your mobile phone or on the right side of the feed if you are using your computer.
You need to tap or click on the story to view it. Use arrows to skip to the next story and select the x on in the top right angle to exit and return to feed.
Remember that when you are watching someone’s story they will know that you have seen it.

How to view Instagram stories on pc?

Instagram has always been a mobile-first app, and despite the fact that you can view your friend’s Instagram photos from your PC, they have now introduced a new feature that is not so PC friendly.
They have added “the story” feature which is basically a copy of story feature from the Snapchat app.
Now, this feature will probably be more PC friendly very soon, but if you want to enjoy the stories from your PC, what you need to do is to use our Instagram Saver Tool.
Our developers have created the fastest tool to watch and download Instagram stories anonymously. You need to log in as usual and now the Instagram stories will appear, although you might need to refresh a page a few times to make it work.
The stories will appear on the top of your feed and all you need to do is click on the icon to access it. If you want to switch between stories you can use the arrows on your keyboard and to exit the story and return to feed you can press ESC button on your keyboard or click on the x in the top right corner.
This is a quite useful tool for getting your Instagram fix while your phone is charging, but how long it will be available depends on whether the company decides that the extension violates the app’s programming interface.

How to view Instagram stories anonymously?

We all know that you can hide your stories from specific followers and see who has viewed your story, but did you know that you can view someone’s Instagram story without them knowing that you have seen it?
That’s right. You can view stories anonymously. There are actually a few methods to do this. You can do this from your computer by using our service. This website allows you to see Instagram stories without notifying the users that you have seen them.
All you need to do is paste the username of the Instagram account you want to spy on into the search bar on our website. You can also download the stories on any kind of device.
If you view the stories using our service, your “seen” will be hidden from the users that have uploaded the story.
If you use iPhone or Android, you need to go to the website https://weinstag.com/ on your browser and type in the username of the person whose story you wish to see. You don’t have to follow that person to see his stories but the profile MUST be public.
It is also possible to save the Instagram story this way.

What are Instagram Stories?

The Instagram states that the Instagram stories feature is something that will allow you to share all the moments of your day and not just those you wish to keep on your profile.
Basically, the feature allows you to share multiple photos and videos that will appear in a slideshow format. Which means reel. Which is basically the same as the Snapchat.
The Instagram stories you have shared will be available for viewing for 24 hours and then they will disappear.
Other than just making a slideshow you are also able to add doodles and text to your Instagram stories which makes it look even more like Snapchat.
So how do the Instagram stories work? Well, to post a story you need to tap the camera button located in the top left corner of your feed or just swipe right from anywhere and then tap or long tap the record button in order to take a photo or record a video.
You can additionally tap Boomerang if you wish to take burst photos that will loop forward-backward or you can swipe left and go hands-free.
Once you have recorded your story you can tap a doodle, sticker, or text icon if you wish to add effects to your Instagram story.
When you finish creating your Instagram story you can choose to save it to your phone or share it. The story will be available for 24 hours and you will be able to see who saw it.
You can also hide your story from certain users by tapping the settings/more button on your profile and from there selecting Story Settings option. When you do that tap Hide Story From and then select the people you wish to hide your Instagram story from.

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